Drone Surveys

SEMS Exploration provides topographic surveys to deliver high resolution Digital Elevation Models and Orthophotos.

Detailed topographic surveys over large areas using latest drone and computer processing technology.

Our experienced surveyors have completed several large topographic surveys in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire using drone technology.

  • Exploration projects need accurate orthophotos at reasonable prices
  • Mine planning needs accurate surface elevation data quickly
  • Open pit mines require accurate volume calculations at the end of every month
  • Ground control points enable accurate DEMs to be provided under vegetation canopy
  • Self-contained survey crews comprise drone operators and surveyors
  • Careful pre-flight planning to ensure complete data coverage
  • Daily quality control checks to ensure reliable raw data
  • On-site processing of raw data to check acquisition quality
  • Latest photogrammetry software and hardware for quick processing of large datasets