In-field Geochemical Analysis

SEMS Exploration specialises in the design, implementation and interpretation of geochemical surveys.

The IMDEX In-Field Geoanalysis Laboratory, comprising portable crusher, pulverising mill, hydraulic press and XRF, provides a fast, accurate and repeatable mineral analysis of soil, drill and rock samples.

The In-Field Geoanalysis Laboratory can be set up on a small table in the field, beside the drill rig or in the core yard.

SEMS Exploration field crews can prepare and analyse 50 samples per shift.  Providing real time multi-element data to the client.

Soil Geochemistry

Collection of duplicate samples.  Primary sample analysed in-country for gold, second sample analysed in-field for multi-element geochemistry.

Delineation of element distribution as geochemical samples are collected

Selection of infill sample sites before sampling teams demobilise – saves time

Selection of sample subset for multielement analysis – saves money

Drill samples

Crush drill samples on-site to provide multi-element data before ending a drill hole.

Geological mapping

Pulverised rock samples, compacted into standardised pellets, provide more accurate and repeatable analysis results than conventional hand held XRF mapping.

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